Chris Jericho involved in altercation with fan in New York City


Chris Jericho was involved in a small altercation with a fan in New York City on Friday night after a tribute show for musician David Z outside Irving Plaza according to TMZ.

Unfortunately for Jericho, the whole incident was caught on camera and footage made its way online. After the show was over and Jericho was outside, a bunch of fans mobbed Y2J asking for pics and autographs. He did a few and then began turning people down.

One fan did not appreciate it and the two started a cussing contest with a lot of F-words thrown at each other. Thankfully, no punches were thrown.

TMZ reached out to Jericho, who last week returned to WWE, and he issued the following statement. “David Z was a good friend of mine and I was mentally and emotionally shattered after paying tribute to him and essentially saying goodbye to him Friday night. I was not in a good state of mind at that time and instead of ignoring a pushy (aka rude) fan which is what I would usually do, I snapped. My apologies to all involved and God bless David Z.”

You know what happens when you are rude to Chris Jericho? Yep… You can see the footage of the altercation below.