Chris Jericho broadcasts Rock’s surprise live on Periscope


Chris Jericho was part of the Boston non-televised live WWE event yesterday and obviously knew what was going to happen with The Rock.

The Tough Enough host started his Periscope and was broadcasting live the part where Bo Dallas was running down the audience, with the title of his live feed reading, “Gotta little surprise for u…”

The comments from those watching Jericho’s broadcast suggested they were not impressed considering that he wrote he has a surprise for them…until The Rock’s music hit and they all went bananas.

At the end Jericho turned his cell phone around and said that that is why you should always go to house shows because you never know what is going to happen! You can see Jericho’s Periscope feed of this particular segment at

Meanwhile The Rock wrote on his Instagram that there’s no greater feeling than completely surprising his WWE Universe family by showing up unannounced at a live event.