Charlotte loses a few teeth wrestling Carmella in Germany!


A ruptured breast implant was not enough for poor Charlotte as the former Smackdown Women’s champion now lost some of her teeth during a match at the non-televised live event in Oberhausen, Germany, yesterday!

Charlotte wrestled Carmella in the second match from last on the show and won via disqualification which means that Carmella retained the title. After the match was over, Instagram user huglikekim shot a video while she called her out. Charlotte came over to hug the fan but then covered her mouth and said, “I can’t take a picture, I lost my teeth!”

Flair is on the way back to the United States to undergo emergency dental surgery to repair this problem and will return on tour once she is cleared to fly back. You can see the video below.

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Best night of my entire life. – Becky came over, told me I look beautiful. She hugged me and we took a pic with my phone, then the camera man made some. I legit started crying. When she came in the ring, I hold my Becky sign up high. She smiled and waved at me all the time. (Thanks again to the 2 amazing dudes which let me come in the first row to get a pic with her)😭😭❤️ – Dasha was so nice and adorable, when they announced a little break, I screamed for her and she came over. She said "Oh my god, I love your outfit, you look amazing!" I told her that Becky took a pic with me and she said "Well deserved!" Such a sweatheart💞 – Charlotte already saw me right before the match with my sign. At the end, the dudes which let me into the first row, got me into it again. Char came, hugged me and said "I can’t take a pic, I lost my teeth!" (during her match against Carmella) but she was so nice and took one. I'm beyond thankful queen😭❤️ – I also met tge German Announcer, Sebastian Hackl! He said "I'm sorry but we gotta clean up…" Then I asked him if he has 1 more minute left to take a pic with me and Svenja and he did! Incredibly nice.✨ – My highlights of the show!!!! – @BeckyLynchWWE @CharlotteWWE @DashaFuentesWWE @SebastianHackl @WWEDeutschland – #WWEOberhausen

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