Bad News Barrett pulls big swerve in front of UK crowd


During the WWE live event in Nottingham, England, Bad News Barrett led the crowd to believe that he was retiring at the end of his current deal and then pulled a swerve on fellow British Superstar Neville.

Barrett talked about how the shoulder injury from last year effected him and still is and then said that he will be retiring at the end of his WWE contract. He said it was a big honor to represent England in the WWE ring but there’s a new kid on the block to carry the flag – Neville.

Neville was already in the ring as he wrestled Finn Balor before BNB interrupted. Barrett put over Neville and told him to go ahead and do what the British Bulldog couldn’t do, what William Regal couldn’t do, and what himself couldn’t do, and  that’s becoming the first English WWE World Heavyweight champion.

“This is your man, this is your future,” Barrett said as he raised Neville’s hands in the middle of the ring. And then the swerve came, as Neville turned his back, Barrett nailed him with the Bullhammer.

Barrett grabbed the microphone again and said that there’s only one room for a British Superstar, and he’s in that spot!

You can see the video below.