Jeff Jarrett addresses the recent three departures from TNA


Jeff Jarrett, who is back running things at TNA along with Anthem’s Ed Nordholm, made his first public comments on Twitter regarding the departure of three former TNA champions Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy.

Jarrett said that it’s TNA’s corporate policy not to make any comments on talent contractual matters and wished “nothing but continued success” for Galloway and the Hardys, calling them fantastic talent. “Wherever they land they will obviously do very well. Wrestling business can be tough at times, but one thing is for sure….the business is ALWAYS changing,” he wrote.

These departures, especially the Hardys leaving, was Jarrett’s first major headache after taking back the reigns at TNA. Ed Nordholm, Anthem’s Executive Vice President, was said to be rather “cold” when it came to the Hardys and basically presented them a take it or leave it scenario, setting an example that everyone is replaceable in the company.