Are Matt and Jeff Hardy on the way out of TNA as well?


Drew Galloway might not be the only person on his way out of TNA Wrestling as both Matt and Jeff Hardy have not signed a new deal with TNA just yet.

In a post on Twitter, Matt Hardy acknowledged their status by writing, “It shall be an INTRIGUING week for the professional wrestling industry.”

TNA returns to do television tapings this week starting on March 2 for four days and it will be the first tapings with Jeff Jarrett and the new regime completely in charge of the product. With no deal yet, Matt and Jeff will probably not be part of these tapings unless something is agreed in the final minute.

The two remain the company’s hottest stars and them leaving would leave a huge void in a company that is already lacking big name superstars. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, both Matt and Jeff alerted indie promoters that they will not take any independent dates past May for now.

While there’s no signature on the contracts yet, all parties are still locked in negotiations.