Additional details on the television deal between TNA and Pop


Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that TNA is not footing the bill for airtime on their new home Pop TV as it was being speculated.

Rumors were that TNA paid Pop TV for the airtime with TNA then trying to get back their money by selling their own advertising that would air during the two hour Impact broadcast. Satin says that TNA signed a regular television deal unlike Paragon Pro Wrestling, who aired on Pop TV but had to pay for their time slot.

United Talent Agency represented TNA in television negotiations as they did when they brought Discovery Communications and Destination America on board. Time will tell if this time TNA can last longer on Pop as Discovery canned Impact from its Destination America schedule just after last year. TNA President Dixie Carter said that the two parties signed a multi-year deal, but then again the same was said when the deal with Destination America was announced.

Meanwhile it’s also being reported that TNA talent had no idea that the deal was going to be announced as the company held negotiations a secret except from a few top tier individuals.