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WWE execs giving depositions in concussion lawsuit

Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon will be giving a deposition today in the lawsuit against WWE brought forward by former wrestlers Vito Lo Grasso and Evan Singleton. Vince is not the only one who has to be interviewed as Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Dr. Chris Amann and Dr. Joseph Maroon are also on the list along with former WWE wrestler Chris...

Former wrestler Dan Spivey jumps to WWE’s defense over lawsuits

Dan Spivey

Several readers sent in word to point out a message written by Dan Spivey, the former WCW and WWE wrestler who worked as Waylon Mercy in the-then WWF, regarding the recent lawsuits being filed against WWE by former wrestlers. Spivey wrote that he does not agree with everything that is going on and he’s thankful for WWE for all they did to him...

WWE sued by Figures Toy Company over replica title belts

WWE title

Law360.com is reporting that Figures Toy Company is suing WWE for trying to back out of their agreement to purchase replica title belts from them. According to the lawsuit, WWE is moving forward to purchase the titles straight from FTC’s Chinese manufacturer, breaching the contract which was recently extended. Figures Toy Company, based in...