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Prime Time Players on Tough Enough tonight, who is going next?

Tough Enough

Tough Enough returns tonight at 8PM EST on the USA Network with WWE Tag Team champions Prime Time Players making a special appearance. Last week saw the elimination of another potential winner, Mada, as ZZ managed to hang on to another week after once again being in the bottom 3. Tonight’s episode is titled Spinning a Yarn and rumors are that...

Rumors pop up that WWE want ZZ eliminated from Tough Enough

Tough Enough

The latest rumors popping up are that WWE want Tough Enough competitor ZZ eliminated from the competition and a 3 minute video of coach Billy Gunn tearing ZZ a new one during training was uploaded on the Tough Enough website to encourage fans to not vote for him. ZZ has been in the bottom three multiple times and has always managed to stay alive...

Tough Enough episode 6 rating

Tough Enough

Episode 6 of Tough Enough this week drew 980,000 viewers as not only there was no interest from viewers on who the new judge was going to be or how they will handle to Hogan situation, but the show lost 164,000 viewers over last week. The show did a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo and saw the elimination of Mada after new judge The Miz used his save...

Tough Enough episode 6 report

Tough Enough

With Tough Enough favorite Patrick Clark eliminated, this week’s episode promised to carry a certain level of intrigue with it as we watched to see who would emerge as the new front runner in the competition.  After an opening montage of ZZ paying homage to Patrick with a shrine, of sorts, and a tease of tension between Amanda and Chelsea...

The Miz takes third seat on Tough Enough judging panel this week

The Miz

The Tough Enough judge that replaced Hulk Hogan was not Ric Flair and not even Bret Hart or another Hall of Famer, but former WWE champion The Miz. It’s not known if this will be a permanent gig for The Miz as it was noted that he was joining Daniel Bryan and Paige “this week.” Rumors over the past week ran rampant that either Ric Flair or...

Cesaro and Team B.A.D. on Tough Enough tonight

Antonio Cesaro

Episode 6 of Tough Enough tonight is titled Remember to Be the Best and will feature appearances by Cesaro and Team B.A.D. – Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina Snuka. Tonight’s show on USA Network and on YouTube is especially important because the new judge replacing Hulk Hogan will be revealed. WWE has not announced a replacement yet and it...

Tough Enough episode 5 rating

Tough Enough

Episode 5 of Tough Enough which saw the surprise elimination of Patrick drew 1,144,000 viewers and a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo. That is up from last week’s 977,000 viewers number which was a season low so far. (Ratings credit: TV By The Numbers)

Tough Enough episode 5 report

Tough Enough

Wow!  That’s the only word I can use to describe episode 5 of WWE’s Tough Enough.  Coming into this week’s episode, we all knew that we could expect some of this season’s favorites to be in jeopardy, purely because all of the bland and obnoxious competitors have all been booted.  But never did I expect the shocker of...

Natalya and Big Show on Tough Enough tonight


Both the Big Show and Natalya will be appearing on Tough Enough tonight, the fifth episode of season six which is titled Swallow Your Pride, It’s Good for You. Tough Enough received its lowest rating of the season last week so far with just 977,000 viewers tuning in on the USA Network broadcast which saw the elimination of Gabi...

Tough Enough rating for episode 4

Tough Enough

Episode four of Tough Enough did 977,000 viewers and a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic, down 244,000 viewers from last week’s show. This has been so far the lowest rated show of the series and the first one that didn’t break the 1 million viewership mark. (Ratings credit: TV By The Numbers)

Tough Enough episode 4 report

Tough Enough

The first three weeks of Tough Enough felt relatively bland, as the judges were able to very easily cut otherwise forgettable competitors such as Hank, Alex, and Daria.  With the sudden loss of Dianna, I got a bit worried that the judges’ votes would suddenly be swayed towards the men of the barracks in an effort to keep balance. Instead, we...

Tough Enough competitors going to Monday Night Raw

Tough Enough

The Tough Enough contestants are heading to Monday Night Raw in Atlanta this coming Monday to get their first look at what goes on to produce a three hour live WWE show. The three trainers – Lita, Billy Gunn, and Booker T – announced this to the remaining contestants in a video posted on the Tough Enough website. Gunn did most of the...

Tough Enough rating for episode 3

Tough Enough

The third episode of Tough Enough drew a total of 1,221,000 viewers with a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This week the show fared better than last week, getting 174,000 viewers more than episode two. It even beat the premiere of the new season by around 12,000 viewers. (Ratings credit: TV By The Numbers)

Tough Enough episode 3 report

Tough Enough

Tough Enough returns for it’s July 7th episode this week without the company of Alex Frekey and just as soon as the episode starts, so does the drama inside the barracks! Our First Competitor Quits It’s become increasingly obvious over the past two weeks that The Miz’s job as the host of Tough Talk is to stir the pot among the...

USA ditches Raw replay before Tough Enough


USA Network has removed the two hour Raw replay to serve as the lead in for Tough Enough for next week after the experiment failed. This past Tuesday USA added the replay at 6PM hoping to have a more solid lead-in for the WWE reality competition after making its debut to just 1.2 million viewers. The experiment however failed big time as not only...

Seth Rollins to appear on Tough Enough next week

Seth Rollins

Current WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins will be visiting the remaining Tough Enough hopefuls in the next episode to have a chat and offering some advice. Rollins is the second special guest to appear on the show after Roman Reigns made a brief appearance during episode two. So far Tough Enough has not been a hit with the fans with just...

Tough Enough rating for episode 2

Tough Enough

The second episode of Tough Enough drew even less viewers than the first show, getting only 1,047,000 viewers, losing around 200,000 from last week’s premiere. Hoping to add some more eyeballs to Tough Enough, USA Network added a two hour edited replay of Monday Night Raw starting at 6PM to serve as the lead in however that experiment failed...

Tough Enough episode 2 report

Tough Enough

Hello, Good Morning, or Good Evening – Wherever you are or wherever you may be – and thanks for checking out Wrestling Online’s Tough Enough recap report. After a five year absence, WWE’s Tough Enough returned last week on the USA Network with an entirely new format and a cast of 13 hopefuls vying for a WWE contract.  Over the course of...