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Total Divas season 3 episode 15 rating

Total Divas

Sunday’s episode of Total Divas, which was titled Girl vs Girl Bye, did 1,253,000 viewers, up slightly from the 1,200,000 viewers the show did two weeks ago. Last week the show did not air on E! Episode 15 is tied as the third most watched of season three so far.

Total Divas episode preview for tonight: Girl vs Girl Bye

Total Divas

Total Divas returns on E! tonight after a week off with episode 15 of season 3, an episode titled Girl vs Girl Bye. The synopsis for tonight’s show reads, “Brie admits that she doesn’t use protection, which could mean the end of the Bella twins. Meanwhile, Nattie is forced to work with TJ despite their separation, and Ariane’s...

Total Divas season 3 episode 14 rating

Total Divas

Episode 14 of season 3 of Total Divas, titled Insecurity Breach did 1,207,000 viewers going head to head with the Royal Rumble. That is down slightly from last week’s 1,253,000 viewers and its third week in decline. Last week’s episode concentrated on a lesbian kiss between Paige and Rosa Mendes, the insecurities of Eva Marie, and Brie’s...

Total Divas episode preview for tonight: Insecurity Breach

Total Divas

Tonight’s episode 14 of season 3 of Total Divas is titled Insecurity Breach and will run head to head with the WWE pay-per-view the Royal Rumble. The synopsis for the show reads, “Ariane goes behind Eva’s back, teaming up with Jonathan to confront Eva Marie with a major issue. Meanwhile, Brie fears retaliation after her house was broken...

Total Divas season 3 episode 13 rating

Total Divas

The latest episode of Total Divas, episode number 13 of season 3, was watched by a total of 1,250,000 viewers, slightly down from the previous week by around 40,000 viewers. The episode, titled Twin Leaks, revolved around Eva Marie facing the possibility of taking out the silicone from her surgically enhanced breasts after a leak was detected in...

Total Divas episode preview for tonight: Twin Leaks

Total Divas

Tonight’s 13th episode of Total Divas season 3 is titled Twin Leaks and will air on E! at 9PM EST. The synopsis for tonight’s show reads, “Eva is confronted with a life-threatening medical issue, Paige gets a bit too close to Nattie in the ring and a friendly competition between Nikki and John escalates to a serious throw down.”

Total Divas season 3 episode 12 rating

Total Divas

The 12th episode of season 3 of Total Divas titled Baby Not On Board drew 1,295,000 viewers on Sunday night on E! That is down from the 1,411,000 viewers that the show pulled in last week for its return. Episode 12 is the second highest rated show of season 3 so far behind last week’s episode. (Ratings credit: PWInsider.com)

Total Divas episode preview for tonight: ‘Baby Not On Board’

Total Divas

Episode 12 of season 3 of Total Divas returns tonight on E! at 9PM EST with an episode titled Baby Not On Board. The synopsis for the episode reads, “Eva blindsides Jonathan with news she should have given him pre-marriage. Nikki cuts off the Bella family in retaliation and Rosa’s job is threatened when a Diva’s salacious plan is leaked...

Part two of season 3 of Total Divas returns tonight on E!

Total Divas

The E! reality show Total Divas will return for the second part of season 3 tonight starting at 10PM EST. There will be some cast changes start tonight with Trinity and Summer Rae out of the cast and replaced by Paige and Alicia Fox. The remaining cast – Brie, Nikki, Arianne, Eva Marie, Natalya, and Rosa all return for the new...

E! issues press release on part 2 of season 3 of Total Divas

Total Divas 3

E! has issued a press release hyping up the return of Total Divas on January 4 at 10PM EST. The second part of season three of the show will see the addition of two new Divas added to the roster – Alicia Fox and Paige. Trinity Fatu, who plays Naomi, will no longer be part of the cast and her husband Jon is also out. Future episodes will see...

Trinity “Naomi” Fatu dropped from Total Divas cast


When the second half of season three of Total Divas returns on E!, one cast member who has been part of the show since season one won’t be returning. Trinity Fatu, better known as Naomi, confirmed on Twitter her departure from the show. “For many fans who’ve been asking I am no longer apart of the #TotalDivas cast,” she wrote, adding that...

Total Divas season 3 episodes 8 and 9 ratings

Total Divas 3

Episodes 8 and 9 of season 3 of Total Divas were not a big hit and are now the second and third least watched episodes of the entire series among 34 episodes. Episode 8, titled Cross Country Catastrophe, did a total of 826,000 viewers while episode 9, titled Daddy’s Little Girl, did a bit more, 860,000 viewers. The mid-season finale of season 3...

Paige and Alicia Fox to join Total Divas cast


WWE and E! today announced that Paige and Alicia Fox will be joining the cast of Total Divas when the new episodes of season three resume in January. The mid-season finale of this season will air next week with the wedding of Eva Marie and SummerSlam, with new episodes return on January 4. The addition of Paige and Fox will bring the total number...

Episodes 8 and 9 of Total Divas airing on E! tonight

Total Divas 3

Just like last week, E! will air two new episodes of Total Divas tonight starting at 9PM EST. Airing first will be episode 8, titled Cross Country Catastrophe. The synopsis for this episode reads: “Tempers erupt after Rosa walks in on Summer with her man; Eva and Ariane clash on a couples road trip; and Brie is shocked to discover that Bryan is...

Ratings for Total Divas episodes 6 and 7 of season 3

Total Divas 3

Two episodes back to back for Total Divas did not impress in the ratings, with episode 6 being the second lowest rated of the whole series while episode 7 not fairing much better. Episode 6, titled Paint The Island Red, drew 882,000 viewers while episode 7, titled The Double-Cross, did 975,000. (Ratings credit: PWInsider.com)

Two new back-to-back episodes of Total Divas to air tonight

Total Divas 3

E! will air two first-run episodes of Total Divas back-to-back tonight starting at 8PM EST. Episode 6 will air first, titled Paint the Island Red, with the synopsis reading, “TJ ruins Nattie’s hopes of repairing their marriage. Nikki gets annoyed at Brie for not being as fun as she used to be. Ariane and Vinnie deal with relationship...

Total Divas season 3 episode 5 rating

Total Divas 3

Episode 5 of season 3 of Total Divas did better than last week’s episode, getting 1,057,000 viewers, up around 58,000 viewers from episode 4. The season 3 premiere is still the highest rated this season with 1.2 million viewers. (Ratings credit: PWInsider.com)