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More info on the potential TNA takeover by Aroluxe

Dixie Carter

In addition to Wrestling Observer’s report earlier today regarding the sale of TNA, PWInsider.com added more details to the story, a story which might spell the end of Dixie Carter’s reign in TNA. The agreement between TNA and the Tennessee-based company Aroluxe started in January of this year with Aroluxe pumping in the money for TNA...

Tennessee company rumored to purchase big stake in TNA


The rumors floating around are that TNA Wrestling is just about to sell a stake to Aroluxe, a web development, advertising agency, and marketing consultants company based out of Brentwood, Tennessee. Two of the executives of Aroluxe are Ron and Don Harris, the former WWE, WCW, and TNA tag team. The unclear question is if this sale will be a...

Internal memo sent to address TNA sale rumors


PWInsider.com is reporting that Janice Carter, Dixie Carter’s mother and one of the bosses and owners at TNA’s parent company Panda Energy, has issued an internal memo to address the rumors of TNA being for sale. The memo states that any rumors of Panda Energy attempting to offload their stake in the company are completely false and that they...