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Reddit’s Dolphins1925 goes 100% correct in Survivor Series spoilers

Results of each match from last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view were posted correctly by Reddit user Dolphins1925 before the show even started, going 100% in this particular show. The predictions were along the same lines of what betting companies based

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Dolphins1925 Reddit user goes 100% in HIAC predictions, but no briefcase cash in

The Dolphins1925 Reddit user who has been posting results of pay-per-view matches before each match starts went 100% yesterday for the Hell In A Cell show although he said something which ended up not happening during the show. The unknown

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Reddit user Dolphins1925′s pay-per-view streak broken

The Dolphins1925 Reddit user pay-per-view streak has been broken as he called one of the two matches he spoiled wrong, his first time since the Elimination Chamber show back in February of this year. “Alberto Del Rio will defeat Rob

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Reddit user who leaks WWE PPV results explains motives

The Reddit user who goes by the name of Dolphins1925 and who leaks WWE pay-per-view results just before each match, released a statement explaining his motives. “My motive has been simple: To draw attention to a very important problem and

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Reddit’s WWE pay-per-view results leaker strikes (sort of) again

The Reddit user who has been correctly predicting every single WWE pay-per-view match result since the Elimination Chamber PPV in February didn’t post the spoilers for all the matches for SummerSlam, but correctly predicted three matches that he decided to

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Deadspin profiles WWE PPV results leaker whose record stands at 100%

Deadspin.com has a very interesting article about a guy who posts on the Reddit’s pro wrestling forum who has been correctly guessing each WWE pay-per-view match outcome since the Elimination Chamber. The man only known by his online nickname of

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