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Reddit WWE insider “Falconarrow” hosts AMA session

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Reddit user Falconarrow, a confirmed insider who works with WWE, revealed in a Reddit AMA session today on r/squaredcircle that there are a bunch of surprises and two returns scheduled for the Raw after Mania tonight. A title change is also in the plans with him saying, “However I think this sub will be disappointed in one return that causes a...

Reddit user Dolphins1925’s pay-per-view streak broken


The Dolphins1925 Reddit user pay-per-view streak has been broken as he called one of the two matches he spoiled wrong, his first time since the Elimination Chamber show back in February of this year. “Alberto Del Rio will defeat Rob Van Dam,” he wrote before the match started. Eventually Del Rio lost via disqualification but kept the...

Reddit user who leaks WWE PPV results explains motives


The Reddit user who goes by the name of Dolphins1925 and who leaks WWE pay-per-view results just before each match, released a statement explaining his motives. “My motive has been simple: To draw attention to a very important problem and ongoing issue within the WWE industry, while concurrently abstaining from turning the community into a...