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Bret Hart apologizes to Michael Hayes and Seth Rollins

Bret Hart

In a turn of events, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart apologized to Michael Hayes and Seth Rollins for the things he has been saying about them lately in a post on Facebook. Earlier this week Hart said that Hayes and the Freebirds have no place in the Hall of Fame because they never did anything for the wrestling business. He also...

Bret Hart rips on the Freebirds, Michael Hayes fires back

Bret Hart

In a video interview with Forbes.com, Bret “Hit Man” Hart ripped on the WWE Hall of Fame due to several big name stars not being inducted already and for the company to induct the Fabulous Freebirds, who according to Hart “never drew any money” and “never did anything.” The former WWE champion couldn’t understand how former stars...

Michael Hayes suspended over lapse of judgment


WWE creative team writer Michael Hayes will be out for a few weeks “for personal reasons” according to PWInsider.com who broke the story yesterday. Court Bauer, a former WWE creative team member himself, said on his podcast that Hayes was spotted sharing a drink with Rosa Mendes, a big no no since Mendes was recently sent home for...