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Impact rating for 03/09/2017

A new regime brought in same ratings for Impact Wrestling, as the much hyped first show under Anthem’s and Jarrett’s direction actually drew less than last week’s show. The March 9 episode of Impact had 292,000 viewers on POP, down 3,000 viewers from last week’s episode. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 02/16/2017

TNA Impact this week drew a total of 325,000 viewers, up significantly from the 252,000 viewers of last week. That is the best number since the December 15 episode which was marketed as Total Nonstop Deletion. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 01/12/2017

This week’s Impact Wrestling did a total of 277,000 viewers, down 13,000 viewers from last week’s broadcast. Taking out the two “best of” shows during Christmas and the Thanksgiving show, the January 12 broadcast is the lowest since April 12, 2016. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 01/05/2017

The first Impact of 2017 under the new regime pulled in a disappointing 290,000 viewers. While it’s up from the past two weeks which were not first-run episodes, it’s down from 329,000 that the show did in its final episode on December 15. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

TNA Impact Wrestling viewership overview for the year 2016

TNA Impact, now airing on POP TV, drew an average of 311,000 viewers for the year 2016, down from the 327,000 average of 2015. The show lost the majority of its audience compared to 2014 and 2013, where the average was 1.15 million and 1.26 million respectively. Jumping to different networks and different days did not help TNA much. Ever since...

Impact rating for 12/22/2016

This week’s Impact, which was a greatest hits of 2016 special, drew 209,000 viewers on POP. The show was down from last week as expected, with 120,000 less viewers tuning in. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 12/15/2016

The Total Nonstop Deletion episode of Impact disappointed in the ratings, with 329,000 viewers tuning in, just an increase of 26,000 viewers from the previous week. The episode was hyped for a long time and was expected to at least bring in similar numbers of previous episodes filmed at the Hardy compound. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 12/08/2016

The December 8 episode of Impact on POP drew 303,000 viewers, down 35,000 viewers from last week. Next week it’s the Total Nonstop Deletion which should spike up the numbers and possibly TNA getting the best rating since moving to POP. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 12/01/2016

Impact this week with the women main eventing the show did 338,000 viewers, up from last week’s Thanksgiving show which did only 165,000. Taking last week’s show out, it did 3,000 viewers more than the previous week. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

Impact rating for 11/24/2016

Impact on POP TV last week drew a total of 165,000 viewers, a drop of 170,000 viewers from the prior week. The drop was expected as the show happened to be on Thanksgiving day where everything was down. Ratings were delayed due to the holiday. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)