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GoFundMe campaign set up to bring back home the Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to bring Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington back home from a care home with a target goal of £20,000, or close to $25,000. The campaign was started by his wife Dot who wrote that for the past 13 months, Tom has been in a care home due to recent strokes and health issues. “We have tried everything possible to...

The Dynamite Kid Tom Billington suffers stroke

Dynamite Kid

Tom Billington, better known to wrestling fans as the Dynamite Kid, has suffered a stroke according to the Wrestling Observer. Unfortunately no more details are available regarding his condition as of this writing. Billington moved back to the United Kingdom following his retirement from professional wrestling. He is in a wheelchair as he is...

Help fund the Dynamite Kid documentary

Dynamite Kid

Our good friends at Highspots.com sent the below regarding a planned Dynamite Kid documentary. Recently the Highspots.com video crew traveled to Manchester, England where they spent three days with the world-renowned wrestling legend known as Dynamite Kid. Their purpose for the trip initially was fairly straight forward – they had traveled...