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Chyna claims Triple H hit her, WWE denies allegations

In her interview with Vince Russo, former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion Chyna revealed that Triple H hit her when he was confronted by her about the relationship with Stephanie

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Chyna announces she’s getting married, tapes interview in response to Triple H

In a video on YouTube, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer announced that she’s getting married to a Japanese man, Nobuhiko Hagihara, who she has known since 2002. The former WWE Women’s and

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Chyna points out “double standard” in the WWE HOF

The Chyna/Hall of Fame debate continued on Twitter thanks to Steve Austin who brought up the subject to Triple H during the Unleashed podcast on the WWE Network. One particular

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Triple H discusses Chyna’s chances of a HOF induction with Austin

Former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion Chyna was pretty surprised to see her name trending on Twitter after Stone Cold Steve Austin last night suggested her name as a potential

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Chyna says she is on “good terms” with WWE and spoke to McMahon

Former WWE Women’s and Intercontinental champion Chyna wrote on Twitter that she is on good terms with her former employee, WWE, and has recently spoken to Chairman and CEO Vince

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Chyna’s next adult movie to be a wrestling parody

Former WWE Intercontinental champion and Diva Chyna is about to have her next adult movie released by Vivid Entertainment, a movie which carries title of “Chyna Is Queen Of The

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