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Two WWE Superstars lose part of their ring name

Two WWE Superstars have received a name change, or better yet, a modification to their ring name. Antonio Cesaro will now be called Cesaro, dropping his first name, while Big E Langston will lose his last name and will be called Big E from now on. The name change has already been updated on WWE.COM.

Antonio Cesaro gets a massive endorsement from John Cena

Antonio Cesaro got a nice surprise at the non-televised live event in Munich, Germany, last night after he was invited by John Cena to the ring after the show was over. Cena said his German was not good so he’d like Cesaro to come out. Cesaro shook Cena’s hands as he came in the ring and then spoke in German to the local fans as Cena...

Miz vs Cesaro to air as the Rumble 2013 pre-show match

From WWE champion to wrestling on a pay-per-view pre-show match – and that is the story of the self proclaimed “must-see WWE champion” ever, The Miz. WWE announced that The Miz will be taking on Antonio Cesaro for the United States title in the pre-show of the Royal Rumble, a free match that will air on WWE.COM, YouTube, and...