Navy SEAL recounts story of punching Jesse Ventura in the face in a bar
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Jan 6, 2012 - 11:14:59 AM

Navy Seal Sharpshooter Chris Kyle was a guest on the Opie and Anthony radio show and recounted a story when he decked Jesse "The Body" Ventura in a bar in 2006.

Kyle said that he and his SEAL team were having a wake in a bar for a team member they lost in Iraq with the family of the fallen soldier also present.

Ventura, a former SEAL himself, walked in the bar and started talking against the war, calling them murderers. Kyle told Ventura that it's okay not to agree but told him to keep it down because of the family being there.

At that point Ventura - according to Kyle - told him that they deserved to lose a few guys, at which point Kyle punched him in the face. Ventura went down on the floor and when he was asked if he knocked him out, Kyle said the punch knocked him off balance but Ventura wasn't knocked out. He added that Ventura didn't fight back and with cops already outside since it was a SEAL party at a notable SEAL bar, he fled the scene.

You can see the video of the interview below.

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