Hogan, Linda's attorney face off in court room
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Mar 13, 2009 - 6:41:08 PM

"You're an actor, you're acting now!"

That's what Linda Bollea's attorney, Ray Rafool, had to say to the Hulkster when Hogan confronted him while he was giving his comments to press reporters after a court hearing on Thursday.

Hogan - on crutches - interrupted the attorney and the man in the suit cut his own promo on the WWE Hall of Famer while in front of him! Hogan's lawyer, David Houston, then jumped in to make it a two on one handicap match but Linda's attorney held up his own and eventually Hogan and his legal man exited the court.

"I guess I got the feeling what it's like to be in the WWE now," said Linda's attorney to the reporters who were present for the whole face off. "You know what, you don't get reporters speechless much," he joked, noting that none of the reporters opened their mouth during the confrontation.

The funny thing is that Rafool requested an autograph from Hulk Hogan for his son before the court session started.

"I hope your son enjoys the autograph," Hogan said before he left. "Thank you Hulkamaniac brother."

You can check the unedited video below.

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