Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission publish rules for wrestling events
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Nov 17, 2007 - 7:23:34 PM

- Having a wrestling event in the state of Georgia has become even more difficult after the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission came out with a set of rules for professional wrestling events. This has been in the works since the Benoit double murder-suicide case. Among the rules, there are listed that wrestlers cannot blade, a physician must be present at ringside throughout the show, no one under the age of 18 can be present without a guardian, changes to the card must be announced before the show and fans are entitled to a refund if there are changes, females must wear trunks and tops etc. A public hearing is scheduled to begin at 11:00AM on December 18th at to provide the public an opportunity to comment upon and provide input into the proposed repealed rule. You can read all the rules below.

Synopsis of Proposed rule to Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, Rule 85-04-.01 Rules for Professional Wrestling
Purpose: This rule describes authorized practices to be employed for professional wrestling organizations.

85-4-.01 Rules for Professional Wrestling

(1) All promoters must have a valid Professional Organization License issued by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission

(2) A Surety Bond of not less than $10,000 must be on file with the commission before the event.

(3) At least (10) days before the scheduled event you must notify the Commission, in writing, stating the time, date and location of your proposed event.

(4) Within (10) days after your event each promoter is required to complete and return a regulatory fee of 5% of the gross proceed of the event. This 5% fee is on ticket sales at your event.

(5) Before any event can take place a physician must be at ringside and stay at ringside throughout the event. The physician fee is paid by the promoter. Also, an ambulance with 2 EMTs must be present ringside throughout the event. There must be adequate security personnel in the arena to control fans and the wrestlers.

(6) Wrestlers MAY NOT deliberately cut themselves and all wrestlers must be over (18) years of age.

(7) No one under the age of 18 is allowed in any area of the venue other than their seat except when accompanied by a guardian

(8) A Commission representative may be assigned to your event to monitor activities. The cost for this representative is $100 and is paid by the promoter. This fee can be paid along with the same CHECK or MONEY ORDER for the 5% fee.

(9) The promoter shall be liable for ensuring that all statutes and rules promulgated by the commission are strictly observed and carried out.

(10) Before the beginning of a wrestling show, all changes or substitutions in the advertised program of wrestling shall be posted at the ticket window and at the entrance to the facility.

a. Changes or substitutions shall also be announced in the ring before commencement of the first match along with the information that any ticket holder desiring a refund based on those announced changes or substitutions shall be entitled to receive a refund before commencement of the program.

b. Purchasers of tickets shall be entitled, upon request by them, to a refund of the purchase price of the tickets, if the request is made before the commencement of the first match.

(11) A physical or verbal threat of aggression shall not be directed toward any member of the audience.

(12) All wrestling or entertainment shall take place either in the ring or within the partitioned-off portion of the gym or arena. Physical activity shall not be permitted between wrestlers, referee, or wrestling event staff in the audience or outside of the safety partition.

(13) The commission shall decide all questions arising out of a contest not specifically covered by the statutes and these rules. In all other respects, wrestling shall be subject to the statutes and rules governing this sport.

(14) Wrestler’s Equipment
a. A wrestler shall be clothed in clean apparel.

b. A wrestler may wear two (2) pair of trunks, one (1) over the other.

c. If a wrestler wears shoes, they shall be fitted with soft tops, soft smooth soles, soft laces and equipped with eyelets only.

d. A wrestler may not have any grease, lotion, or foreign substances on the body.

e. A female wrestler must wear trunks and a top.

f. The inspector present at the event may disallow the use of inappropriate attire or disqualify a wrestling participant for the lack of appropriate attire.

(15) Contestants shall have their fingernails trimmed closely.

(16) Ring Barrier.

a. A ring shall be enclosed within a barrier which shall be erected between the ring and the seating area in the arena.

b. The barrier shall be at least:

i. Six feet (6’) away from the ring; and

ii. Four feet (4’) away from the first row of the seating area.

c. the ring barrier shall conform to the following requirements:

i. Be constructed of metal or other shatterproof material;

ii. Be designed to prevent a wrestler from exiting through the barrier into the seating area during a contest;

iii. Be built to a height of at least forty-two inches (42”) from the floor of the arena; and

iv. Be stable.

d. The ring barrier shall be approved by the commission or the commission’s representative before its use during a contest.
(17) Time Limits

a. A wrestling match shall have a maximum time limit of sixty (60) minutes.

b. The commission may authorize any other time limit.
(18) A timekeeper shall begin the beginning of the time limit of a contest upon the referee’s signal and shall sound the bell at the referee’s command.
(19) Conduct of Wrestling Contest.

a. A wrestling contest shall be determined by:

i. One (1) fall; or

ii. Two (2) out of three (3) falls.

(20) Scoring a Fall.

a. A fall is scored by a wrestler when the wrestler’s opponent has both shoulders touching the mat for a count of three (3) seconds.

b. The referee shall signal the wrestler scoring a fall by immediately slapping the mat.

(21) Breaking

a. A wrestler:

i. Shall break a hold when instructed by the referee;

ii. Failing to break upon instruction by the referee, the offending contestant shall be given a count of ten (10) to release the hold; and

iii. Failing to release the hold after the count of ten (10), the offending contestant shall be disqualified and the opponent shall be awarded the match by the referee.

(22) When any part of a contestant’s body is touching the ropes or is outside the ropes or if, in the judgment of the referee, the contestant is no longer able to properly protect him/herself, the referee shall call time and the contestants at once shall release any holds and return to the center of the ring to standing positions and resume the bout.

(23) Prohibited activities:

a. The following actions are prohibited:

i. Inhibiting breathing by covering the nose and mouth at the same time; and

ii. Unsportsmanlike or physically dangerous conduct.

b. A wrestler continuing to engage in prohibited activities after sufficient warning may be disqualified by the referee.

c. No wrestling contestant shall use a foreign object(s) or prop(s) with the deliberate intent to lacerate himself or herself, or one’s opponent. No animal blood or human blood, other than that of the wrestling contestants that is incidentally introduced during a match, may be used as a prop or special effect in any wrestling match. Vials, capsules or any vessel containing a gel substance appearing to be or simulating blood may be used as a prop or special effect during a wrestling contest so long as the container cannot cause lacerations upon breakage.

d. The intent to use a foreign object(s) or prop(s) during a wrestling match must be disclosed to the commission prior to any wrestling contest and shall be subject to the approval of the commission. This shall include any vial, capsule or container holding a gel substance that is meant to simulate blood.

(24) Refusal or Inability to Continue.

a. If a wrestler refuses or is physically unable to continue a match, the match shall be ended and the decision awarded to the wrestler’s opponent.

(25) Tag Team Wrestling

a. “Tag Team Wrestling” means a contest between two (2) teams each composed of two (2) or more wrestlers.

b. The time limit for this type of contest shall be a maximum of sixty (60) minutes.

c. A team shall be awarded a fall when a member of the team scores a fall against a member of the opposing team.

d. A two (2-)minute rest period may be permitted between falls.

e. A tag team contest shall be conducted as follows:

i. The contest shall begin with one (1) wrestler from each team inside the ring while the respective partners remain outside the ring on the apron;

ii. The wrestler(s) outside the ring may not enter the ring unless a fall is scored or his/her partner has tagged his/her hand;

iii. In order to be eligible to receive a tag, the wrestler’s partner shall be outside the ring on the apron in the proper corner with both feet on the ring apron and only receive the tag over the top ring rope;

iv. When the tag is made, the wrestler making the tag shall leave the ring as the partner enters the ring;

v. Only two (2) wrestlers from opposing teams shall be permitted to be in the ring at any one (1) time;

vi. After the scoring of a fall a wrestler may relieve the partner;

vii. If a wrestler is unable to continue; the wrestler’s partner shall continue the contest alone;
viii. The referee may call time after an injury to permit the injured wrestler to be removed from the ring; and
ix. Release the rope provided in the team corner until officially tagged by the partner.

(26) The referee shall warn a team of any prohibited conduct and may disqualify a team for persisting in prohibited conduct after a warning.

(27) A wrestler may have a second who:

a. Shall remain in the wrestler’s corner outside the ring enclosure; and

b. The referee may immediately eject from the ring area any second engaging in prohibited activities after sufficient warning.

(28) Referee.

a. The referee shall have the authority to conduct the contest and enforce the regulations of the commission;

b. Referees assigned to officiate a contest shall:

i. Be properly attired thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled time of the opening contest; and

ii. Remain attired and available until all matches have been concluded.

(29) Responsibility of Promoter.

a. A promoter shall be responsible to the commission for the conduct of its representatives and employees, including officials and contestants affiliated with the event.

b. The promoter shall be responsible for conducting the wrestling contest in a safe, peaceable, and orderly fashion.

c. Violation of the commission’s regulations by a representative or employee of the promoter, including officials and contestants affiliated with the event, may be grounds for disciplinary action against the promoter.

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