TNA extends TV deal in Australia with Fuel TV
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Jan 20, 2013 - 4:06:04 PM

TNA has extended its contract with Fuel TV in Australia for two more years and the channel will keep broadcasting TNA television Down Under.

Apart from their existing deal, Fuel TV will also air two new TV shows - Unfinished Business and British Boot Camp - one which tackles the feuds among the top TNA Superstars and the other about a group of four up and coming wrestlers in the UK trying to land a TNA contract.

"As a channel dedicated to young males, we've been overwhelmed by the audience reaction to TNA Wrestling, so we are thrilled to announce this extension to our deal," said Adam Howarth, Fuel TV channel manager.

TNA Executive Vice President, Andy Barton added, "We have a large and vocal fan base in Australia and we are very pleased to announce the continuation of our relationship with Fuel TV. Fuel is a valued partner and the home of TNA IMPACT Wrestling in Australia".


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