Morrison and The Miz in the UK for game tournament finals
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Feb 27, 2008 - 10:43:53 PM

- WWE Superstars John Morrison and The Miz will be at the HMV in Edinburgh, Scotland on Princes Street Thursday March 6th for the international tournament final of the 'Smackdown! vs RAW 2008' game on Xbox 360. The duo will also be signing autographs for free at the same location starting from 4PM local time. Two finalists from the UK along with two finalists from North America and a finalist from Europe will be going head to head in the finale at the THQ Superstar Challenge on March 27th at the House of Blues in Orlando. The grand prize-winner will receive two floor tickets to WrestleMania 24, while each finalist will receive two stadium tickets to the event. Fans can pick up free wristbands at HMV which allow them access to the signing. Wristbands will be available only from HMV Princes Street, Edinburgh from 8AM on Thursday March 6th.


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