FremantleMedia launches new store for WWE videos in Europe
Reported by: Colin Vassallo, on Jan 17, 2013 - 3:11:48 PM

W-O reader Robert Collie sent in word that FremantleMedia has launched the new WWE UK DVD and Blu-Ray store, two weeks after taking over the license for WWE videos in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

A lot of the DVD and Blu-Ray discs are still in pre-order status although there are some old releases which have been made available immediately.

FremantleMedia is also launching a competition where 50 winners will get a CM Punk signed sleeve for the Night Of Champions 2012 disc. To enter all you have to do is pre-order the pay-per-view and 25 winners will be chosen for the DVD version and another 25 for the Blu-Ray.

The WWEDVD.CO.UK website also lists the tentative dates for the November WWE tour of Europe with the cities that both RAW and Smackdown brands will be visiting.


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