Tweet from UFC President Dana White lights up wrestling fans


UFC President Dana White seemingly pissed off the Internet wrestling community today after replying to a WWE fan on Twitter who said he would have liked to see Rousey fight today but “our PPV’s are only $9.99” and “Vince got you beat.”

White replied back to the fan with the Twitter username RKORollins saying, “I hear u bro but fake shit should be 9.99.” That tweet sparked a ton of replies from wrestling fans who seemed to have been offended by White’s response. When the same fan asked White to “try it out some time,” White continued, “Trust me my friend ….. IT’s FAKE.”

One wrestler who didn’t appreciate the comment was former ECW champ Taz. “What’s fake & what’s predetermined? @danawhite my body is busted up from that “fake shit” – u think u train less,” Taz tweeted.

Dana White then went back and said that he wasn’t trying disrespect what wrestlers do. “All the WWE guys I have met are awesome people but yes it’s fake.”