The Hollywood Reporter covers the upcoming Hogan sex tape lawsuit


The Hollywood reporter is covering the Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit against Gawker which is set to hit trial next month, with Hogan seeking damages of $100 million.

THR writes that Hollywood attorneys are monitoring the situation closing as this lawsuit and trial could possibly set a new legal precedent for media outlets that publish celebrities’ private moments. It also adds that the two week trial is expected to be Rated R with Gawker seeking to introduce evidence that the WWE Hall of Famer has “injected his sexual prowess into the public sphere by fondling women’s breasts for a Rocky III publicity photo shoot and discussing in interviews where on a woman he likes to ejaculate, the size of his genitalia and the use of his mustache when performing oral sex.”

The faith of Gawker will be in the hands of jurors and the site’s owner, Nick Denton, estimates that there’s a 1-in-10 chance that Gawker faces a disaster if everything goes against it.

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