Sting posts cryptic tweet, is it finally happening?

Sting posts cryptic tweet, is it finally happening?
July 08
17:21 2014

Two tweets from former WCW champion Sting has sent the Internet wrestling community on a frenzy even though there’s nothing wrestling related on them.

Sting changed his profile photo to a very dark image with his face paint faded, barely visible and then afterward tweeted, “07.14.14.”

While it could be totally non-wrestling related, it could also be something related to the WWE 2K15 video game, a project that Sting is rumored to be involved with a similar deal that 2K reached with the Ultimate Warrior last year.

WWE and 2K shot several footage with Sting lookalikes a month or so ago after putting out a casting call.

Sting has been in negotiations with WWE seemingly forever and remains the only big name Superstar to have never worked for WWE so far.


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