McMahon says no plans to run for public office again

McMahon says no plans to run for public office again
November 09
19:20 2012

Speaking to Business Week, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon said that she doesn’t see herself running for public office again although things can always change.

McMahon is fresh off a second – and much wider – defeat in the Senate elections, having blown almost $100 million for the two campaigns spanning over 4 years. For the first campaign in 2010, McMahon did not accept any donations and funded the whole thing with her own money to a tune of $50 million.

“I feel really good about what I’ve accomplished. I think people were more thoroughly convinced the second time around that I was passionate about these issues,” McMahon said.

When asked about running again, McMahon said she gave it a really good and strong shot but it didn’t work out.

“At this moment, it’s not a consideration. Things can always change but it’s not something I anticipate right now.”

She noted that she discovered that she lost this year’s election when she was sitting by herself while she was gathering thoughts of would would be a victory speech. She said she saw on ABC that Chris Murphy’s name popped up as the winner just 40 minutes after polls in Connecticut closed, leaving her “stunned for a moment.”


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