Goldberg claims TNA contacted him to help promote his latest movie


Former WCW and World Heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg told Channel Guide Magazine that TNA recently contacted him about appearing on TNA television to promote his upcoming movie.

The movie in question is called Check Point, an action/thriller flick which also has TNA’s Bram in it. William Forsythe, Kenny Johnson, Michelle Lee, Ricky Harris, Fred Williamson, Mindy Robinson, Tyler Mane, Niko, Kane Hodder, Krista Grotte, and Mike Gutowski make up the rest of the cast.

“I just got contacted by TNA a couple of days ago. I don’t know. They want to promote the movie since one of my adversaries in the film is Bram, who works for them,” Goldberg said. “I’m greatly appreciative they want to help the movie out. Now at the end of the day, promoting the movie is one thing, but getting a guy like Goldberg in your wrestling organization is a completely different story. We’ll see.”

Obviously TNA would gain more from this than Goldberg and the movie which is why Goldberg said what he said at the end.