Gawker defiant in Hogan sex tape ruling against them


Despite a court order to take down the Hulk Hogan sex tape and anything else associated with it from, John Cook, the editor at said that they will not take down all of the Hogan sex tape post.

“The order to remove the purely editorial work of a Gawker staffer describing what he had seen—no matter how frivolous or dumb or salacious—is plainly unconstitutional,” Cook wrote on the website. “The order to take down the video was mistaken, but it’s a far different thing than barring a reporter from writing true things about what he’d watched.”

The report in question is a 1,400-narrative of the video written by a former Gawker editor as well as the 466 comments that users submitted in reply to the post.

Cook said that they are appealing the decision, and they have removed the video itself, however, to remove the text “is grossly unconstitutional” and they would not be taking it down.

You can read the full transcript of the hearing and Gawker’s side of the story at