CM Punk reveals the full story about quitting WWE


Former WWE champion CM Punk discussed why he left WWE back in January of this year during a discussion with Colt Cabana on his podcast.

Punk said that he was not feeling good health-wise, dating back to the November European tour where he was wrestling being sick. He suffered a concussion at the Royal Rumble and WWE did a concussion test and they told him he passed even though Punk was not feeling good.

The next night on Raw is when all hell broke lose and that was the day he packed his bags and left, telling Triple H to “f*ck off” and getting a hug from Vince McMahon before walking out.

Punk said WWE pretty much fired him, first suspended him for 2 months after he quit and then received termination papers in June for breach of contract.

In the long interview, Punk also says that he now despises professional wrestling and doesn’t want anything to do with anymore. He and WWE reached a settlement where he got what he wanted and there is no working relationship between himself and the company and there will never be.

The interview covers a lot of topics, such as injuries, royalty checks, wrestling with Ryback, The Shield, Batista, The Rock, and much much more. You can listen to it below.