Author - Daniel Josselyn

Impact TV report for 09/13/2012


This will be a much shorter recap than usual as I am not feeling well. I’ll get back to doing a full report with play by play next week. Impact begins with heavyweight champion Austin Aries walking to the ring. Austin is pleased that he got a piece of one member of Aces and Eights last week, but his real reason for coming to the ring is to...

IMPACT TV report for 09/07/2012


Impact begins, as it always does these days, with a replay of the Aces and Eights attacks from recent weeks. After the replay, we are informed that the Final Four in the Bound For Glory series will be decided tonight. James Storm has already qualified. Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe will face each other first, and later tonight Bully Ray will face RVD...

Impact TV report for 08/31/2012


This week’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling begins with a recap of the huge brawl between the wrestlers of TNA and the gang of thugs known as Aces and Eights that ended last week’s show. We go to the Impact Zone live and the first person to the ring is the TNA heavyweight champion and self professed greatest man that ever lived, Austin...