Author - Colin Vassallo

Smackdown rating for 03/03/2016


The March 3 episode of Smackdown drew a total of 2,491,000 viewers, an increase of nearly 100,000 viewers from last week even though the second hour went up against the Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News which drew 16.8 million viewers. (Ratings credit:

WrestleMania 32 is free for new WWE Network subscribers

WrestleMania 32

In a move that may raise some eyebrows and question the sanity of those making the decisions, WWE announced that WrestleMania 32 will be free for new WWE Network subscribers who sign up this month. WWE is using the #FreeWrestleMania hashtag to promote this news on their social media. This will be the first time that the show will be offered for...

Japanese wrestling legend Hayabusa passes away at age 47

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Eiji Ezaki, better known to fans in the world of professional wrestling as Hayabusa, passed away at the age of 47 yesterday. The Japanese superstar died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage – bleeding in the brain for the non-medical ones – and an owner of a tavern found him in his home dead just hours before Hayabusa was supposed to perform...

Hulk Hogan vs Gawker jury selected, trial to start Monday

Hulk Hogan

The jury selection in the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker trial wrapped up today with the final 70 jurors making one more trip to the courtroom to see who are the unlucky ones who have to endure three weeks of courtroom drama. A total of nine jurors made the cut, including 3 alternates. Those who will be on the jury are 4 women and 2 men. Hundreds of...

WWE and Cricket Wireless announce multi-year agreement

WWE logo

Cricket Wireless and WWE announced today that they will team up with for a multi-year agreement, providing Cricket significant visibility and consumer engagement at WWE’s biggest events of the year, including WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble and Payback. WWE’s relationship with Cricket Wireless is highlighted by a sponsorship of WWE...

Bret Hart issues clarification on cancer comments by Jim Ross

Bret Hart

Bret Hart issued a statement on his Facebook page regarding his prostate cancer and the comments that Jim Ross made during The Gunz Show on 77 WABC Radio earlier this week. “I just want to clarify that, while the surgery went well and my doctors and I are optimistic, it is still way too early to declare that it’s now a non-issue. I will be...

Ric Flair to induct Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame

Ric Flair

Wooooo! Are you ready for another Ric Flair Hall of Fame speech? The two-time Hall of Famer announced on his podcast yesterday that he will be inducting Sting in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2016 on April 2. The Nature Boy was the favorite to do the honors from the very beginning considering the long history the two had in WCW. JBL and Ron...

Kevin Nash will donate brain and spinal cord for research

Kevin Nash

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash told ESPN yesterday that he will donate his brain and spinal cord to CTE research after his death with the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation run by former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski being selected as recipients. “Chris Nowinski started the program, and I’ve had several...

Kevin Dunn gets the highest salary among all WWE execs in 2015


WWE has sent a letter to all of its stockholders announcing that the 2016 annual meeting will be held on April 21 at the Hilton Stamford Hotel with stockholders being asked to vote on six items, including the election of the ten Board of Directors. In the proxy statement that was attached to the invitation, there were some interesting figures on...

Impact rating for 03/01/2016

Impact Wrestling

Impact on Pop this week did 258,000 viewers, up 48,000 from last week’s record low rating. Despite the registered increase, it’s still one of the lowest rated episodes since moving to Pop, the third lowest to be exact, beating only the debut show by 3,000 viewers. (Ratings credit:

Total Divas season 5 episode 7 rating

Total Divas

Total Divas episode seven of season five with the title Hart of the Matter did a total of 591,000 viewers which is now the lowest rated show in the whole series. It suffered a huge drop of 186,000 viewers from last week and it’s down over half a million viewers from the season opener. (Ratings credit:

Sunny fires back at Edge and Christian with rant on Twitter


As expected, the dig at Sunny on the Edge & Christian WWE Network show did not go down well with the former Diva and she unloaded on the two in several posts on Twitter. “Those who matter in the WWE office called to check on me in the hospital a couple weeks ago. Edge and Christian are just douche bags,” Sytch wrote before suggesting that...

Jury selection starts in Hulk Hogan vs Gawker trial

Hulk Hogan

Jury selection in the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker trial began yesterday, kicking off a trial that is expected to last three weeks. Nearly 500 potential jurors were summoned, all mostly from Hogan’s area, and around 100 of those were told to return today. The Associated Press reported that the jurors did not like the fact that the trial is going to last...

Jim Ross says Bret Hart has beat cancer

Bret Hart

During a radio appearance on The Gunz Show on 77 WABC Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross revealed that fellow Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart has beat cancer after the surgery was a total success. Hart went public last month with the news that he is suffering from prostate cancer and underwent surgery on February 10. “They removed the...

Raw rating for 02/29/2016


Raw this week drew a total of 3,724,000 viewers with the brief return of the Undertaker, down 160,000 viewers from last week’s show which also featured another return, that one of Shane McMahon. Hour one started strong with 3,961,000 viewers but then it dipped to 3,660,000 viewers in the second hour and even further down to 3,551,000 in the...

Total Divas episode preview for tonight: Hart of the Matter

Total Divas

E! will air the seventh episode of season five of Total Divas tonight with an episode titled Hart of the Matter. The synopsis reads, “Nikki’s championship reign is at stake when she faces an old foe. Nattie is torn over taking TJ’s last name or having him take hers. Paige struggles to keep her relationship with Kevin afloat. Brie has...