Archive - 08/06/2014

WWE production truck shows Smackdown moving to Thursdays


A recent photo of a WWE production truck sporting the new WWE logo and promoting Smackdown lists “Thursdays 8/7c” as the air date rather than Friday. Smackdown has been airing on Friday nights since Fall of 2005 when UPN decided to move it to what many in the television industry call the “death slot.” It has remained in that time slot ever...

nWo reunion planned for Hogan’s RAW birthday bash


Are you ready for an nWo reunion? Well get ready because it looks like it’s going to happen this coming Monday on RAW. To celebrate Hulk Hogan’s 61st birthday, WWE is bringing back Superstars who had a big impact in Hogan’s career and both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are scheduled to appear. WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall posted a series of...

RAW rating for 08/04/2014


Monday Night RAW this week did 4,048,000 viewers, down over quarter of a million viewers from last week’s show. Hour one did 4,075,000 viewers, followed by 4,193,000 in the second hour, and then way down to 3,877,000 in the third and final hour. This is the second week in a row that RAW dropped in viewership especially the third hour. Last week...