Archive - 05/09/2013

IMPACT TV report for 05/10/2013


Impact begins with Sting and Kurt Angle making their way to the ring. Sting grabs the mic first and puts over Angle; Angle calls out AJ Styles. AJ comes out and gets a little bit of “good cop bad cop” from Angle and Sting. Angle is sick of AJ refusing to take a side, and Sting is trying to get Kurt to calm down and coax AJ into...

TNA joins YouTube’s subscription-based channels


WWE didn’t take YouTube’s subscription-based channel offer, but TNA Wrestling was ready to jump in and fill the wrestling void. Joining UFC, Cars.TV, National Geographic, 50 other companies, the TNA channel will be available for $4.99 a month and features the majority of the TNA pay-per-view library and DVD releases. Additional titles...

WWE announces new construction toy line


WWE announced yesterday a new multi-year deal with The Bridge Direct, a toy manufacturer to develop and market WWE construction toys. The new toys will be marketed for kids of the ages between 4 and 14 and will include figures, accessories, and construction bricks to “build your own” playsets. “We are excited to partner with The...