Archive - 04/15/2013

What to do with The Shield

The Shield

Scott Batchelor is a lifelong WWE fan looking to break into the field of writing about wrestling. This is his first published article (and hopefully not the last). You can contact him at [email protected] I was skeptical at first. When The Shield debuted, it kind of upset me honestly. To come out during a highly touted PPV match at Survivor...

CM Punk throws a hint at tonight’s RAW broadcast

CM Punk

Former WWE champion CM Punk revealed on the MMA Hour show with Ariel Helwani that he might be attending the UFC event in San Jose, California, this weekend, suggesting that maybe he will not be traveling with the WWE crew for the bi-annual long European tour. Punk said he didn’t want to spoil anything about tonight’s RAW but they have...

Steve Austin predicts big things for Fandango

Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin wrote on Twitter that judging by the reaction Fandango has been getting since the night after WrestleMania, he predicts some big things for him in the coming months. “Bold prediction – Fandango will be IC champ within 6-8 months,” Austin wrote. “You heard it here...