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Monday Night Raw TV report for 03/04/2013


The nostalgia is in the air for Raw and I’m truly excited. It’s “old school” time, as WWE goes back in time. The question is, how far? I hope it is like last time and we see the true red, white, and blue ropes, vintage small set, and many surprises & flashbacks. We also look to the future, as WrestleMania XXIX is on the...

Vince and HHH present Mae Young with a Divas title


Backstage at RAW on Monday night, WWE celebrated Mae Young’s 90th birthday and while her on-screen celebration was interrupted by CM Punk, things went smooth behind the scenes. Vince McMahon and Triple H presented Young a WWE Divas title with her name tag on it. Both Vince and HHH hugged and kissed Mae Young who thanked God for still being...

Undertaker vs CM Punk made official for WrestleMania

CM Punk

CM Punk vs The Undertaker was made official yesterday on Monday Night RAW after Punk earned his way to try and end Taker’s streak at the biggest WWE pay-per-view of the year. The Undertaker made an appearance at the start of RAW appearing on stage with a WrestleMania 29 logo shown behind him after the lights came back up. That was the...