Archive - 10/26/2012

Four TV announcers tackle two hour IMPACT show


IMPACT Wrestling had two sets of announcers yesterday, the first two tackling the first hour and then another pair doing the second hour. Long-time TNA employee Jeremy Borash was paired up with Todd Keneley to kick off the show with the veterans, Mike Tenay and Taz taking on the second hour. Keneley is no stranger to professional wrestling as he...

IMPACT TV report 10/26/2012


Impact begins with Hulk Hogan thanking Jeff Hardy for raising the bar.  The Hulkster loves cliches, brother.  Hogan also tells Hardy that he will either be facing Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, James Storm, or Mr Anderson. As Hardy leaves the office, we hear his inner monologue saying that they all have a weakness; he just has to find it.  I...