Archive - 09/25/2012

WWE Diva Cameron pleads not guilty to DUI charge


TMZ.COM is reporting that WWE Diva Cameron pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge today brought against her after she was busted earlier last month. When she was arrested, the male passenger also in her car told the cops that they were drinking Martinis before driving off and the police report says that Cameron – real name Ariane Andrew...

Fan storms the ring during Ryback vs Miz match


A fan who attended last night’s RAW in Albany stormed the ring towards the end of the Ryback vs Miz match. The incident happened as Ryback was in the corner getting ready to clothesline the Miz who was getting up in the opposite direction. As soon as WWE cameras panned out for the wide shot, referee Scott Armstrong and a WWE security guard...

Monday Night Raw TV report for 09/24/2012


Controversial finishes are all around. It happened in the National Football League (NFL) games this week and it happened seven days ago between WWE Champion C.M. Punk & Alberto Del Rio taking on John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. The last episode of Raw ended much like last night’s Baltimore Ravens VS. New England Patriots...