Archive - 08/16/2012

Paul Heyman talks rumors about his WWE return and future

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman somewhat addressed a rumor going on about him and his deal with WWE along with his status with the company following SummerSlam. In a very long speech, not denying or not confirming anything, Heyman said that no one knows what his deal with WWE is and it is impossible for anyone to state with certainty what his situation is or...

Kevin Rudolf to perform SummerSlam theme on pay-per-view


Kevin Rudolf – the artist whose song Don’t Give Up – is the theme for SummerSlam this year, will be performing the song live during the pay-per-view. The 29 year old American singer-songwriter and record producer is a WWE fan and his songs I Made It and Welcome To The World have been used by WWE before for WrestleMania XXVI. Last...